General Information

~~Welcome to this website.  You may contact me by emailing:

I hope that you find the information contained here to be useful.  I have included some important sections from my class procedures.  You may find all class procedures by clicking on the file to the left. 

You may find a schedule of your assignments/tests by clicking on the course tab on the left of this screen.


Office Hours:
I am available every morning except Wednesdays (staff inservice) for help before school up until 15 minutes before the first bell rings.  At that time I need to focus my attention on the incoming class so I cannot engage in individualized tutoring.

I am available at lunch and after school most days.  I ask that  you speak with me ahead of time so I  know to expect you. There are some times when meetings and appointments mean I may not be available. Always let me know you are coming.

Absence policies:         ~~  Each day we engage in important meaningful activities.

  • When you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to get the asignment from my webpage AND it is your responsibility to get the notes from another student in the class. 
  • Always get the notes or read the text BEFORE seeing me for help.  This will make our time together more productive as you will be better prepared.

Homework policies:          ~~Students need to take pride in their knowledge and work and their presentation of it.

  • Assignments are  ALWAYS due at the START of the NEXT CLASS unless otherwise posted. The exception is that any assignment meant to prepare a student for a test is due the day of the test.
  • Assignments are to be done in PENCIL on graph paper.  The original problem including diagrams is required as is the work to show  process.  I do NOT accept answers only or poorly written work. 

Testing Policies:        ~~Tests are your opportunity to showcase what you have learned.

  • Students are expected to take tests the day they are scheduled. 
  • I always plan a day between the last assignment and the test.  This allows students to see me during office hours to get help.  It also means that being absent the day before a test does NOT excuse a student from taking the test with the class. 
  • All make-up tests will be given the first day a student is back unless he/she has extended absences.


Our class motto:   ~~Perserverance and Precision


You can email me at: