General Information

~~Welcome to my website.  You may contact me by emailing:

I hope that you find the information contained here to be useful.   Check out the tabs on the left. You can find class procedures, syllabi, and course assignments by clicking on the tabs. 

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PRACTICE SHEETS (PS) ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FROM ME DUE TO COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS UNLESS MARKED WITH AN *.  If you scroll down BELOW the calendar to the VERY BOTTOM you will find the most recent ones. (This program puts the current at the bottom of the list.)

Office Hours:
I am available every morning for help before school up until 10 minutes before the first bell rings:  at that time I need to focus my attention on the incoming class so I cannot engage in individualized tutoring.

I am always available during Power Hour B.  


Our class motto:   ~~Perserverance and Precision


You can email me at: