~~ Class Procedures:

When the Bell rings:
a) Be in your seat--place backpacks/purses on the floor please.
b) Quietlybegin the warm-up exercises.
c) Personal Issues:  Wait until after notes are done to speak with me privately about any pressing issues. This includes reasons you don’t have your homework
During lesson presentation:
a) Listen attentively and take notes.  If I write it, you write it!
b) Please ask questions after I have fully demonstrated the first example.  Raise your hand to ask questions—please no shouting out.
c) All notes, examples, and “you trys” presented must be written in your notes.

During seat work:
a) Work quietly—peer tutoring is allowed but must be done as quietly as possible.
b) Stay in your seat except to sharpen a pencil or to come to my desk to get help.
c) If I need to address the entire class, I will stand in the front center of the room.  You are to be quiet and wait for me to begin. Please do not continue to work—EVERYONE is to pay attention please.

During Tests & Quizzes:
a) No talking and keep your eyes on your paper only.
b) No sharing of calculators, pencils, erasers, etc.
If I suspect cheating, your test will be given a zero.  It is YOUR responsibility to be honest and above reproach. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.

Leaving the room during class:
a) You must have a signed agenda book/pass to leave the room.
b) Only one person is allowed to leave at a time.
c) Please do not ask to leave the room until after notes and questions are answered unless it is an emergency.

When the dismissal bell rings:
a) I dismiss class not the bell—the bell does not signify time for you to get up and leave.  You may not leave until I dismiss you. NEVER LINE UP AT THE DOOR!
b) All trash must be picked up and desks arranged neatly before I will dismiss class.  It is your responsibility to keep the room clean-not the janitor’s.
Homework/Assignments:  Take pride in your knowledge and presentation of it!
• Homework is always due at the beginning of class the day after it is assigned.  Late homework is not accepted for full credit except in the case of an excused absence.
• No work is accepted after we have tested on it.  No exceptions!
• Your work is to be done with precision.  That means you will always write/sketch the original problem (or summarize it if it’s a word problem), and you will clearly and completely communicate your process as well as your solution.  Your work is to be done in pencil and on graph paper.  You are expected to check the odd exercises yourself.
• No credit will be given for answers only or work done in ink.  Meaningless papers will NOT be accepted. We should be able to discuss any problem without needing to open a textbook.
• Your name, period, and the assignment section # (ex. 1.2, 3.4 etc) are to be on the top-right corner of your paper.
• Assignments are to be placed in the designated file on the wall--NOT on my desk please.
• Checked papers will be returned to a file on the oak shelf.  It is your responsibility to pick up them up.

• Please use a 1 1/2” 3-ring binder.  This is to be used exclusively for math.
• Label and date each day’s notes and warm-ups.
• If I write it—YOU write it in your notes!
• Please use a pocket portfolio to keep old assignments in. Do not mix them with daily notes.
• Keep all notes and handouts in chronological order
• Your notebook will be graded and should serve as a “paper tutor”.
• We do not use notes on any tests or quizzes.

Tests: These are your opportunity to showcase what you have learned.
• All students are expected to take test on the assigned test day.
• For students absent on tesdt day: Any test not taken within two days of test date will receive a zero.  Exception: excused absences and only after a conference with me to make arrangements for your test.
• Any extra credit questions are only available for those testing on the scheduled test day

Your grade is based on how well you learn the course content AND on how well you meet class requirements.

• Exercises:         26%                                              90% or higher       A
• Tests/quizzes    50%                                               80-89%                B
• Notebook           4%                                               70-79%                 C
• Final Exam       20%                                               60-69%                 D
Absences, Tardies, & Communication:

 When you are absent: Each day we engage in important and meaningful activities.
• Notes:  It is your responsibility to copy notes from a classmate.  You must read the missed section and get the notes before seeking help from me. This accomplishes two things: 1. it makes you responsible for your learning and 2. it makes the tutoring time more productive because you already have some knowledge and anticipated questions.
• Assignments:  You get a day for a day missed to make up work UNLESS you are absent for a planned school activity, then work is due when you return to class.  Being at an away game or school activity does NOT excuse late work.
• Tests:  If you know you are going to be absent please make every effort to take the test BEFORE the absence. If you miss a test you have two days to make it up at lunch, before school or after school by appointment. 
• Tutoring:  Since there is very little time in the morning, please do not ask for extensive tutoring before school.  I am available during posted office hours. We have FIT after school and I am available at lunch and after school by appointment for this.
Note:  Being absent the day before a test does not excuse you from the test as the routine nature of the class makes “surprise” tests unlikely and the assignments and tests are posted for the entire week on the board in my room as well as on the school’s website.  I usually schedule a lag day between the last assignment and the test to avoid this problem.
 Students are considered tardy if they are not in their seats prepared to work when the last bell rings. I will be following the school policy regarding tardies.
Progress reports will be given after every test.  Have your parent’s sign it then please return it within 3 days. 
Grades can also be seen using the web-based PASS through the Mingus web site and will be updated weekly.
Assignments are available at my teacher page on the Mingus web site.
Office hours will be posted at my door.
 Each student is expected to be respectful during class.  No one has the right to interfere or disrupt another’s learning.  Thus:
• All talk will be at the appropriate volume and content. If you cannot be mature about side conversations, then I will institute “library quiet” in my class.  You do NOT have the right to jeopardize others’ learning by talking.
• If you come to class without your book, paper, or pencil you will be referred to lunch detention. I reserve the right to assign lunch detention for missed assignments. Failure to attend detention will result in a discipline referral through the office and may become a part of your permanent records.
• No profanity is allowed.  Severe use of profanity or profanity used in anger will result in referral to administration.  Please note:  the use of God’s name is inappropriate unless you are talking to or about Him and will otherwise be considered as profanity.  Respect for all is the theme in my class.
• You may chew gum, but if I see it or hear it—YOU LOSE IT (to the trash can)
• All school discipline policies will be enforced.
• I do not write passes until after I am done teaching.  Don’t ask.

You are first and foremost expected to be respectful of me, of others and of yourself.